Values - ICPO We Value People

We feel the human being is a holistic one, where physiological, emotional, social and spiritual needs must be taken into consideration. Furthermore, we understand the importance of educating our outpatient clients in the following aspects: pre-admission, pre- operating, operating, recuperation, post-operating, discharge and rehabilitation. This is done to help them achieve a quick recovery with a top health level, adaptation, and fast reintegration into society.

We Value Family

We understand that both the clients and their relatives should work together to achieve excellent, fast recovery and in-home rehabilitation that will enable them to a reintegration into society. It is necessary for both the client and their family to understand the illness or procedure and its treatment. Basic and necessary knowledge of prevention also is key.

We Value Communication

We believe in the need for active participation and a good relationship among all parties involved with patients. Effective communication among doctors, nursing staff, clients and relatives is necessary for the achievement of a successful outpatient surgery and a prosperous rehabilitation at home.

We Value Skill

The role of nursing is to help the individual and the society to gain, maintain, and restore health. This requires technical knowledge, skills and training that work at the same pace as the current societal demands. It is an art, a science, and a mission. Therefore, the services are carried out with professionalism, excellence, and quality that are essential in outpatient care. The outpatient surgery nursing staff must be carefully chosen according to their qualifications and skills. They must carry out the assigned tasks with the proper attitude towards the clients, their families and the surgeons.

Everything is offered within an atmosphere of reliability, love, sympathy, respect, consideration and above all communication, where the rights, needs and wishes of our clients prevail.