Philosophy - ICPOInstituto de Plastico y Cirugia del Oeste (ICPO) is a private, for-profit medical institution that believes plastic and reconstructive surgery improves the lives of individuals in more ways than one. We desire to help one to enhance his/her physical appearance and increase self-esteem, while also empowering one to be more useful, productive and positive in the society they live in.


Our newly renovated facilities are specifically designed to fit effective outpatient surgical are, leaving patients with a timely and exceptional result. A result worth recommending: that is our goal. In working towards these life-improvements for the patients, ICPO is certified by the American Association of Ambulatory Plastic Surgery Facilities Inc., the Medicare Program and the Department of Health and Medicare.


ICPO does not discriminate against color, sex, religion, social status or political conviction. Every human being has the right to be treated with love and respect at all times. Our clients, especially, represent a part of us, with our same feelings and emotions. To fulfill patient’s wishes and needs, while respecting their rights, is crucial to us because patients are of the utmost importance to us.


What is more significant, health is the ideal state for an individual in every aspect: physical, social, spiritual and mental. If there is no balance among these aspects, a person will not be able to fit into this changeable society, thus being their rehabilitation more difficult. We put forth every effort to alleviate this.